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Wednesday, 05 March 2008 12:32

Center Line Thrift Store
7423 E. 10 Mile, Center Line, Mi 48015
Near 10 Mile & Van Dyke


Sunday: 11am-5pm for Donations Only
Monday: 9am-10pm
Tuesday: 9am-10pm
Wednesday: 9am-10pm
Thursday: 9am-10pm
Friday: 9am-10pm
Saturday: 9am-10pm

Opened in the fall of 2002 at a site which was formerly occupied by a ‘for profit’ thrift store, it enjoyed a ready made thrift shopping customer base.  At 21,500 sq. ft. this store has 6 fitting rooms, plenty of free parking and a convenient donation drop off site at the rear of the store.  The staff of 32 employees is assisted regularly by 1 ARC Program beneficiary and 1 volunteer.  It is conveniently located on 10 Mile Rd., just west of major thoroughfare VanDyke and minutes south of I-696.

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