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Friday, 13 March 2009 09:59

May 15th, 2009 was a special day at the ARC as the Wayne County Adult Drug Treatment Court marked the successful completion by 42 participants of its program.  Designed to give non-felony drug offenders a second chance, the 24 month program when successfully completed, expunges the related criminal record allowing the participants to go forward with a clean slate, opening opportunities otherwise lost.  The graduation ceremony, held in the SEMI ARC - Men's Campus Chapel, started with a welcome by Zene Frances Fogel-Gibson who introduced speakers Hon. Timothy M. Kenney and Mr. Cory Williams, who delivered the keynote address.   Mr. Williams shared his inspiring storey of how he made the most of his own second chance.  His ultimate graduation from law school was a path made possible in no small part by the fact that his offenses had been expunged through his completion of the Drug Court Program.  

Graduation certificates were awarded to the 42 participants, 6 of whom were also graduates of the ARC program.  Judge Kenney, Judge McCree and Judge Robbins presented the certificates and reflected upon the trials, tribulations and ultimate successes of the individual graduates who had completed the program through their courts.   Many friends and family members were in attendance to mark the success and show their continued support.  Of special interest to all was the dynamic musical presentation by Michael Brock, a previous graduate of the Salvation Army’s ARC Program, with his song ‘My God’ (take off of the song ‘My Guy’).   

Following the ceremony a celebration luncheon for all in attendance was held at the ARC cafeteria which had been decorated for the occasion.   Great food and fellowship were enjoyed as the graduates and their families looked forward to a brighter future, newly opened to them.

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