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The monies raised at our SEMI ARC Thrift Stores fund all the services we provide at our Adult Rehabilitation Center. This is why we can provide the services free of charge to those who need them. We thank all who donate and shop.

# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 SEMI ARC Administration Assistant to the Administrator 313.965.7760 313.965.7803
2 SEMI ARC Store Operations Director of Operations 313.965.7760 313.965.7803
3 SEMI ARC Program Director of Counseling 313.965.7760 313.965.7803
4 Webmaster / Marketing Communications & Marketing Supervisor 313.965.7760 313.965.7801
5 SEMI ARC Finances Director of Finance 313.965.7760 313.965.7803
6 SEMI ARC Housing Director of Housing 313.965.7760 313.961.3521
7 SEMI ARC Truck Operations Warehouse Senior Supervisor 313.965.7760
8 SEMI ARC Communications Department Home Pickup Service 313.965.7760 313.965.7801
9 SEMI ARC Human Resources Human Resources Supervisor 313.965.7760 313.965.4674
10 Business / Organization Donations Business Donations 313.965.7760
11 SEMI ARC Food Services Director of Food Services 313.965.7760
12 Residential Donations 313.965.7760 313.965.7801
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